Berghaus Trail Chase™ 2015 - Race Director's Report

10th Aug 2015


The second Berghaus Trail Chase™ is over and I for one am tired! I know that there will be a few tired bodies amongst the competitors and event team alike today and my first job is to thank the superb event team – the majority of whom are volunteers - for their excellent work over the weekend. The event team worked tirelessly helping with erecting and dismantling of event infrastructure, loading and unloading vans, placing and collecting race waymarking, providing help and assistance at checkpoints and many other jobs. As you’ll know from participating in the event, Berghaus Trail Chase™ is a small race and the support of the volunteers is crucial for enabling the event to take place. Thank you!


On that note, Berghaus have also been a superb title sponsor helping our grassroots trail running event get off the ground with varied support including providing the great event team ‘uniforms’ we were all wearing over the weekend. Thank you!

For the second year in a row the event had superb weather over the weekend and that certainly makes life easier for both participants and us. The great thing about such superb weather as well is that the full colourful glory of the North York Moors National Park is on display for everyone to enjoy. What a fantastic area for trail running.


The logistics are complex at this event with multiple courses, starts, transport options, checkpoint locations and two different event hubs, all needing to be choreographed simultaneously. After the minor problems in 2014 with some course markings being removed – thankfully affecting only a handful of runners – we decided to mark all the courses immediately before each race, thereby reducing the chance of any interference to almost zero. This was effective, in that not a single sign, arrow, flag or other waymarking material was removed or interfered with in over 120km of course. However, we cut this too fine and on both days a leading runner caught our course markers in the final sections of the course. Whilst this obviously affected a tiny proportion of the participants at the event, it is clearly frustrating for both runner and organiser and I’d like to make an unreserved apology for this.  Certainly we won’t cut it so fine next time with the waymarking and will ensure that a sufficient buffer between the course marker and start time is on place. We have learnt an important lesson.

I don’t want to dwell on this though, as it affected very few runners and it has been 100% clear from the incredibly positive comments at the overnight campsite in Chop Gate, at the finish line in Osmotherley, and over email and on social media since the weekend, that the race has been thoroughly enjoyed and been a huge success for almost every person participating. That is the result we were hoping for!


The challenge for me now is to grow this event and to bring out the full potential of the CHASE on the second day. My vision is a huge field of runners setting off seconds apart and that everyone in the event experiences the thrill of chasing or being chased. I know from personal experience that this a very exciting way to run and something that will only get better with more participants at the event. And that is where you can help…



Good or bad, your thoughts and comments are highly valued and if you could take the time to email about the event that would be greatly appreciated.  

2015 feedback can be found on this page.


Photography & Reports

Thanks to Ian Corless for his excellent race coverage this weekend - please visit his online gallery to view and purchase any of the 300+ photos from the weekend.

Ian's Reports are also linked below:

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I look forward to welcoming you back to Berghaus Trail Chase™ in the North York Moors National Park in summer 2016. Until then, happy running!

Regards, Shane Ohly


Race Director

Berghaus Trail Chase™