Berghaus Trail Chase 2015 - Course & Format Update - Video Report

2nd Jun 2015


THE CHASE IS ON! Watch the exciting trailer below for Berghaus Trail Chase 2015 now.

Above: Berghaus Trail Chase™ Race Director, Shane Ohly, blasts round sections of the 2015 Blue, Red and Black Courses. Awesome… Join us on the 8-9th August in the North York Moors for THE CHASE! Enter HERE.




Race Director, Shane Ohly, and Race Planner, Charlie Sproson, describe the updates to the Blue, Red and Black Courses in 2015 in the two videos below. These can be summarised as:

  • Blue Course - This is a little longer than in 2014 but with less height gain and a new day two start. The updated course for 2015 is a huge improvement on the 2014 route and includes some of the best trails in the North York Moors now.
  • Red Course - Radically reduced the amount of road running on day one and replaced this with superb trails. Day two is a mostly new route that, like the blue course, now includes some of the best trails in the North York Moors.
  • Black Course - Day one has been updated to include fewer boring tracks and add in more challenging trails along the northern edge of the North York Moors. Day two is unchanged.

Overall we believe that lots of small updates to the three courses make a huge difference to the overall quality of the trail running. You'll love it! Please watch the two videos below for full details.

Above: Berghaus Trail Chase 2015 Race Director, Shane Ohly, describes the updates to the 2014 Blue, Red and Black courses that make a significant improvement to the 2015 event. Also, some information on updates to the event format.


Above: Berghaus Trail Chase 2015 Race Planner, Charlie Sproson, describes some of the work carried out since the 2014 event to improve and update the courses.