Winners Photo Gallery

22nd Aug 2014

Many thanks to Ian Corless from TalkUltra for these winners photographs.

Whilst it is fantastic to celebrate the success of the leading runners in each course, a huge acknowledgement is also due to all the competitors who completed Berghaus Trail Chase™.

Blue Course - 1st Female Pair - Catherine & Clare Canty
Blue Course - David Chandler & Shaun Eglen - 1st Male Pair
Blue Course - Neil & Terrie Walmsley - 1st Pair & 1st Mixed Pair
Blue Course - 3rd Female - Catherine Speakman
Blue Course - 2nd Female - Terrie Walmsley
Blue Course - 1st Female - Caitlin Pearson
Blue Course - 3rd Overall - Martin Done
Blue Course - 2nd Overall - Peter Downes
Blue Course - 1st Overall - Christian McGill
Red Course - 1st Female Pair - Elsie Riley & Rebecca Dent
Red Course - Matthew Fuller & Liz Smith - 1st Mixed Pair
Red Course - Alistair Nash & Stewart Spink - 1st Male Pair
Red Course - 3rd Female = Kirsty Reade (above) and Jen Willingham (not pictured)
Red Course - 2nd Female - Liz Smith
Red Course - 1st Female AND 2nd Overall - Madeleine Robinson
Red Course - 3rd Male - Simon Frazer
Red Course - 2nd Male - Alistair Nash
Red Course - 1st Overall - Simon Jones
Black Course - 1st Male Pair - Crispin Daly & Dave Suddes
Black Course - 1st Pair Overall & 1st Female Pair - Sam Scott & Lucy Zirbser    
Black Course - 3rd Female - Sam Scott
Black Course - 2nd Female - Michelle Hetherington
Black Course - 1st Female - Stephanie Kitchen
Black Course - 3rd Overall - Steve Coates    
Black Course - 2nd Overall - Charlie Sharpe
Black Course - 1st Overall - Duncan Archer