FInal Event Information

11th Aug 2014

This is the Final Event Information and supercedes any other information on the website. Please have a careful read as this will help the whole weekend run smoothly for all. We are looking forward to seeing you all this Saturday!

Weekend Timings

There are some complex logistics (multiple buses, courses and locations) over the weekend and we will not be able to delay bus departure times etc for late arrivals! Please be on time!

The gate into the Event Centre field will NOT be open until after 1000 on Saturday morning.

Saturday 16th August 2014
1000                    Car Park Opens
1100                    Registration Opens

Black Course Red Course Blue Course
1230 - Registration Closes 1300 - Registration Closes 1330 - Registration Closes
1300 - Bus Departs 1330 - Bus Departs 1400 - Bus Departs
1400 - Race Starts 1430 - Race Starts 1500 - Race Starts


1700                    Overnight Campsite (Chop Gate) opens for friends & family of competitors
1800-2100           Meal available to purchase
1900-2100           Local folk music in the village hall

Sunday 17th August 2014

0600-0830           Breakfast available to purchase
0700                    Black Course – Chasing Start Begins
0800                    Red Course – Chasing Start Begins
0800                    Blue Course - Bus Departs for the start
0830                    Blue Course - Second Bus Departs for the start
0900                    Blue Course – Chasing Start Begins
1200                    Prize Giving Ceremony
1300                    Courses Close
1500                    Car Park Closes


At Registration competitors will need to sign a disclaimer confirming their agreement with the event Terms and Conditions. Competitors overnight bag will be weighted before being accepted for transport. Competitors will be issued with their race number: these are colour coded for each course. The race number includes a detachable luggage lable, which should be attached to competitors' overnight bag. We will hand out overnight bags at the Overnight Camp to competitors with a matching race number. At registration competitors will also be issued with an SI Timing 'Dibber' (the timing chip): full instructions will be given. Finally, competitors will also be able to collect their free Berghaus Trail Chase t-shirt, Chia Charge bar and race map.

Bus Journeys / Start

The bus departure time for each course is shown in the table above. The busses will leave exactly on time! The journey times to the start locations are approximately:

  • Black Course - 1 hour
  • Red Course - 40 minutes
  • Blue Course - 1 hour

Once you arrive, the start will follow very promptly. Limited toliet facilities are available at each start location.

Food and Drink

We will be providing free tea, coffee and hot water to all competitors over the weekend. This will be available at Registration on Saturday morning and at the Overnight Campsite.  If you would rather buy your own hot food rather than cook at the overnight campsite we will be providing a very tasty, high calorie vegetarian meal for £5. Available for sale at the Overnight Camp will be:

  • Vege Sausage Casserole with Cheese and Bloomer Bread - £5
  • Flapjack, Fruitcake and Chocolate Brownies - £1 (optional dairy/soya custard for an additional £0.50)
  • Selection of two Ales and one Cider from the excellent Wylam Brewery - £2 per pint
  • Selection of snacks (chocolate bars, crisps and cans of drink) - various prices
  • Breakfast: UHT milk, fried egg babs, cereals and muesli

Flapjack, Fruitcake, Chocolate Brownies and the various snacks will also be available to purchase at Registration on Saturday. There is a free finishers meal for all competitors on Sunday. This is mild vege chilli with cheese and pitta bread, plus a free cake of your choice. 

Overnight Camping Equipment

The weight of competitors Overnight Bags is strictly limited to the following:

  • Individual competitors may have one bag NOT weighing more than 15kg
  • Competitors in Pairs & Teams may have one bag each NOT weighing more than 12kg

We insist on the maximum weight for all competitors' overnight bags for three main reasons:

  1. Fairness - Every competitor has the same maximum weight and sized bags.
  2. Safety - We need to lift and manoeuvre several hundred drybags twice per day.
  3. Transport – There is a maximum load limit that each vehicle must stay within.

We cannot emphasise enough that all bags will be weighed at registration and competitors' bags that exceed this weight limit WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED and the competitor will NOT BE ABLE TO REGISTER. Competitors overnight camping kit will be stored OUTSIDE so please ensure everything is kept dry by using an waterpoof dry bag or carefully sealling everything in waterproof bags. If you are having trouble meeting these weight limits please conside sharing a tent with a running friend.

Mandatory Running Clothing and Equipment

Although the Berghaus Trail Chase™ is a summer event, poor weather is always possible and cold, wet and windy conditions on the hills can quickly lead to hypothermia. As such all competitors must take a small rucksack or bumbag containing the following items:

  • Water
  • sufficient food
  • whistle
  • Mobile phone
  • Waterproof jacket (with taped seams and a hood)
  • Survival Bag

If unseasonably poor weather is forecast competitors will be required to also take additional safety items, so please come prepared, with these items in your kit bag:

  • Waterproof trousers (with taped seams)
  • Hat and Gloves (suitable for the forecast weather)

Any person, pair or team vying for a prize will be kit checked at the finish each day. There will also be random kit checks at the start for most competitors. Any competitor who does not have these mandatory items will be prevented from starting or disqualified… no excuses are accepted! 

Competitor’s are also STRONGLY ADVISED to wear trail running shoes with a suitably grippy sole. Road running trainers are not appropriate and are more likely to lead to slips, trips and falls!

Course Details

There are three different courses and the approximate distances and height gains are:

  • Blue Course. Day One = 16.6km / 326m. Day Two = 10.1km / 291m. Total 26.7km / 617m
  • Red Course. Day One = 25.3km / 801m. Day Two = 17.4km / 582m. Total 42.7km / 1,383m
  • Black Course. Day One = 32.8km / 1,012m. Day Two = 21.3km / 814m. Total 54.1km / 1,826m

GPS Information / Download Tracks

The Zip file, HERE, contains .ADF and .GPX files of the various Berghaus Trail Chase routes. These routes have been plotted from mapping software rather than by recording a GPS track of a runner following the route, therefore they will be approximate. The organisers retain the right to alter the race route at any time. Competitors must follow the race signs on race day and NOT reply on a their GPS for the route.

Course Waymarking

The courses will be marked with a combination of coloured flags and occasional red/white barrier tape. The Blue Course will have blue flags, the Red Course will have red flags and Black Course will be marked with white flags... The black flags would have been too difficult to spot! The red and white barrier tape will be used only when needed in addition to the flags (for example at a turn, which is less obvious). When you are following the waymarking please remember that the distance between the flags will increase when you are following the same, obvious path or track in the same direction. However, the frequency of the flags will increase significantly when paths/tracks twist and turn. It should be obvious and certainly want it to be obvious!. There are seven people involved in marking the course from the Wednesday before the race. We know how important it is to get this right and be very focused on this pre-event. Example of the flags and barrier tape will be available at Registration. There are no distance markers.

Aid Stations

There are NO aid stations on any of the courses and competitors need to be self sufficient for the duration of thier run. This means carrying sufficient water, food and spare clothing. 

Race Map

All competitors will be issued with a Race Map. Shown below:



Although it would be entriely possible to 'navigate' the route of each course using this map, this is not the intented use. Rather, we shall be issuing each competitor with a map at registration to help them orientated where each course goes, where the different starts are and where the Event Centre and Overnight camp are. There is also various essential safety information on the map. The map is NOT waterproof and we will also be providing a clear polythene bag to keep the map in. If competitors would like to purchase a second spare map they will be for sale at £2 each.

The Overnight Camp

We do not expect competitors to leave the Overnight Camp and return home if they happen to live close by. Whilst we won't actually stop competitors doing this, because it causes logistical and health and safety problem for us, and because it is unfair on the competitors who have no choice but to camp, any competitor who leaves the overnight camp (for the night) will be shown as 'noncompetitive' in the results. This means, regardless of the competitors finish time or position, they will appear as a noncompetitive runner without an overall result.

The Overnight Camp is big part of the nature of the event and with 150+ runners, live music and a bar it should have a great atmosphere. It would be a shame if you did not want to join us. 

Water will be available at the Village Hall adjacent to the camping field. Very basic washing facilities (bodies and cooking utensils) will be in the stream at the bottom of the field. 

The Chasing Start - Sunday Morning 

The chase is on! Day two of the event is where the fun really starts as the chase takes shape. Competitors will set off from 07:00 (Black Course), 08:00 (Red Course) and 09:00 (Blue Course) in the same order that they finished the first day, attempting to close the gap from the previous day. With a real head-to-head race developing, competitors will know that if they pass someone they will have improved their overall position, and the first people to cross the finish line will be the winners! This is how it works:

  • If you finished the Black Course in 03:00 and 1st place on Day One you would start first at 07:00
  • If you finished the Black Course in 03:01 and 2nd place on Day One you would start second at 07:01
  • And so on…

Being involved in a chasing start is incredibly exciting for competitors and we hope that the second day will prove to be one of our competitors most memorable days of racing.

The chasing start will continue for two hours on Sunday morning, so anyone finishing within two hours of the leader on their course will be involved with the chasing start. For anyone not involved in the chasing start, they may start whenever they like from either 07:00, 08:00 or 09:00 depending on their Course start times. 

The Chasing Start start times will be posted in the evening at the Overnight Camp as soon as all the competitors have completed the first day. It is crucially important that competitors are ready to start at thier allocated start time as the timing computer is programmed with this specific start time i.e. competitor race starts regardless of whether they are actually running! Please leave sufficient time to drop off your overnight bag with the marshals and arrive at least 5 minutes before your start time at the start.

Blue Course competitors please note  - You will need get a second bus on the Sunday morning i.e. the Blue Course does not start from the Overnight Camp. This is neccessary to keep the Day Two distance at around the 10km mark. The Blue Course buses leave at 0800 and 0830 and competitors will be allocated a bus based on the thier start time.


We have had some fantastic wooden trophies engraved from local and sustainable Sycamore. These trophies will be awarded for the following category results:

Above: The Black Course Male Winners Trophy... perhaps you would like to have this on your mantlepiece!?

Individuals - Black, Red and Blue Course Prize Categories

  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd Male
  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd Female

2-Person Teams - Black, Red and Blue Course Prize Categories

  • 1st Male Pair
  • 1st Female Pair
  • 1st Mixed Pair

4-Person Teams - Black, Red and Blue Course Prize Categories

  • 1st Team

Pre Event Contact

Please remember that we will be in the North York Moors preparing for Berghaus Trail Chase from Wednesday onwards with no access to email. If you have any questions... ask them now!