How To Improve Your Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is one of the hardest sports to tackle these days. Not only it requires strength but also discipline.

Whether you’re an amateur or already a veteran in this field, it is still important to make necessary preparations to improve your mountain biking.

There are tons of ways you can do to become better at this field, and we’re not just talking about the skills or the bike itself.

Check out some of these useful tips that can help you achieve a better mountain biking experience.


Maintain Your Bike

When you are hearing a lot of noises on your bike, you will start to lose focus on your travels. It is very dangerous to lose focus while cycling, especially for mountain bikes as it is made for fast travels.

Always check your bike, especially when you are starting to hear noises while driving. You should also keep an eye out if your chain needs to be degreased and lubricated.

Try to test everything including your GPS and other computer parts on your mountain bike when you are heading out on a long trip. Check the breaks as it is one of the most important parts of your bike.

If you think a part of your bike is rusting, then you should change it as early as possible.


Bike With Better Riders

Bike With Better Riders

Never try to go on an adventure alone. No one will help you when you crashed in the middle of a mountain or a forest. It is always best to have someone or a group behind you when you ride as they can guide and help you.

There are also better and skilled riders that can teach and help you to get better in riding your mountain bike.


Focus On Where You Want To Travel

It is important to focus on where you want to go. If you are with your friends and you are leading THE adventure, you don’t want to randomly pick a location in the middle of nowhere.

You should review the place where you want to go. Check the weather just to make sure that it won’t rain. It is very difficult to head out on an adventure while raining.

Focusing on your target location will encourage you to keep moving forward.


Stay Relaxed And Take a Break When Needed

Never overdo cycling. If you feel tired in the middle of your adventure, then you might want to take a break. If you are with a group, you can set a camp and relax.

It is best to eat with your group and rest for a while. When you feel your legs are ready, then you can start cycling again. If you are cycling in a middle of a bumpy road or mountain, don’t panic.

Stay relaxed and focus on the direction you are going.


Learn To Stop and Go Quickly

Try and practice fully stopping your bike and start it again without putting your foot down. Repeat this technique for a couple of times. It helps you boost your momentum when you need to fully stop on an obstacle and start again.

It is mostly useful when you are in a race or time trial challenges.


Try and Learn The Wheelies

Try and Learn The Wheelies

The wheelies are where you lift the front wheel of your bike and only use the back wheel when cycling. It can be a bit difficult in the beginning, but it is a fun trick.

It is also useful when cycling in mountains as you must lift your bike to avoid sharp rocks. You can also do the wheelies if you want to climb a huge rock or humps much faster.


Use Break Wisely

Most of the mountain bikes today has two breaks. Some of them has the full hand break where the bike fully locks its wheels and you instantly stop regardless of your speed.

It is mostly used on near crashing situations. The other break is the normal break that is commonly used. Try to practice using it as much as possible, especially when turning to other sides of the road.

Don’t worry about overusing your breaks, you can always recondition it. Using your break often will also let you understand your bike easier.


Ride Everywhere and Explore

Mountain biking is not just for riding on mountains and do adrenaline rush rides. You can also try and attend mountain biking events where different types of challengers can be tackled.

You can even try and get your perfect gear for mountain biking, such as gloves, knee pads, helmets and more. Get along with different groups of mountain bikers.

They will help you become a better rider and join them when they are heading out on an adventure.