2015 Feedback


Hi, I did the blue course and I can honestly say it was one of the best experiences ever.  Loved it.  The whole atmosphere of the weekend was magical - so chilled and friendly (I'd just dropped hubby off at the Wiggle sportive with around 1,200 competitors strutting about in their team lycra - so the trail chase was  breath of fresh air).

Day 1 for me was very hard as I found it a bit monotonous and so mentally hard - lots of straight gradual up hill (I prefer hills you can attack like day 2), but for lots of others it was perfect - so no complaints.  However, the views were amazing - and even loved the coach journey to the start.

Overnight camp - brilliant - well done.  Great to have good coffee, massage and lots of toilets.

Day 2 was wonderful - far more variety (even though my legs weren't enjoying it so much - but my brain loved it).  I wasn't convinced the 'chase' element would work, but it certainly did.  Had a bit of a battle with 4 of us - so kept me motivated.  The finish was great - fantastic food and facilities.

The course marking was the best of any event I've ever been to.  The marshalls were lovely, the organisation was brilliant, views were stunning, the weather was spectacular.  Great to have toilets at the start of each stage - much appreciated!

Definitely want to come back (got a year to convince myself that red is good!!!!).  Thank you so so so much.

Miriam A

Just wanted to say thanks for a great weekend of running. I did the red route for the 2nd time and the changes to the course worked really well and thanks to the marshals who kept popping up in the most unlikely of places!

Gina B

Race review blog post

Pete J



















Another great weekend by Shane Ohly, Ourea Events and all the volunteers plus the weather played ball. Good stuff!

Posted by Ian J Corless on Monday, 10 August 2015



It was an amazing race! Thank you.

Posted by Janja Komljenovic on Sunday, 9 August 2015



My weekend mostly looked like this :) all in all a great weekend, well done to everyone who raced the Berghaus Trail Chase! Glad the amazing weather arrived that we'd pre-ordered!

Posted by Angela Mary Foster on Sunday, 9 August 2015


2014 Feedback

Julian Norton
"Super event. We'll be back next year! Smashing."

Kirsty Reade
"The logistics of the race were pretty tricky but the organisers did a fantastic job and I thought they put on a unique event. They took the best elements of fell running, mountain marathons and trail running and packaged them up into a fun weekend of running and camping."

Marina Ranger
"The whole weekend was great and as ever, I'm so glad I did it. I met some great people to keep in touch with and I learnt a lot - about blogging, the kit I use, kit that other people were using, nutrition and other running races to do."

Anne Norton
"Fantastic weekend of running and excellent organisation (although both days on the red route were a sneaky 2 miles longer than promised!)".

Charlie Sharpe
"First time the race has been put on by Shane and his team who has stacks of racing and organisational experience so it was bound to be a good one! There were some impressive runs all round for many this was the longest they'd run in a weekend and for some it was the chance to race hard and get a great introduction to multi day trail  running events which is fantastic! Being a variety of distances well marked and organised also makes it accessible to most, so definitely one to look out for next year!"

Ian Corless (TalkUltra)
“Vibrant heather, lush green fields, dense bracken and rugged trails along with lush green forests and bridle paths provided a stunning backdrop to all 3 races. Despite heavy rain during the overnight camp, the weather gods played ball providing everyone with a couple of excellent days running. Add to this live music, flowing beer and some excellent food in the Chop Gate village hall and Ohly and the Ourea Events team have the makings of a great event.”

Charles Gay‎
"Thank you guys for putting on a great event and i will be coming next year!"

Duncan Archer
“I really enjoyed taking part in the inaugural Berghaus Trail Chase.  The unique format presented a fantastic experience for all competitors.  I come from an orienteering and two-day mountain marathon background, and grew up on the edge of the North York Moors, so relished following well-marked routes (what an fine effort putting out all those flags!), and enjoying the excellent trails and views that planner Charlie Sproson had found for us.  Others from a straight trail- or road-running background will have found something new in the fun of a two-day competition with a relaxed overnight camp, and the thrill of the chase on day 2.  This event really has something for everyone, and I look forward to seeing it return in future years, under the relaxed but smooth management of Shane Ohly and Ourea Events.”

Charlie Sharpe‎ 
"Last weekends fun in Yorkshire! Great event which I'm sure will be even more popular next year! Thanks guys for organising and well done to all the runners of course! "